Unicorn Hair Detangling Mist

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  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Sulfate & Sulfite Free
  • Paraben Free
  • PEG & EDTA Free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty & Gluten Free
  • 100% happiness guaranteed

    All Unicorns agree, their first choice in getting big tangles free is our magical Detangling Spray! Just a few sprays on tough tangles, and it goes to work smoothing knots and adding shine to your beautiful hair! And it smells cotton candy terrific! 

    Made with coconut and macadamia seed oil to nourish and condition hair to keep it soft and shiny when brushing or combing. Never worry about your mane and tail again with our Unicorn Detangling Mist! Glimmer Wish is Clean & Fun Beauty.

    Sparkle and Shine!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Jennifer S.
    Cottom candy dreams

    I use this detangler on my daughter's curl tips to hydrate them every morning. Smells so subtle and sweet. I cant imagine doing her hair in the morning with out it. Not at all heavy and thick like most detangles, it's more of a mist.

    My girls love glimmer wish!!

    My daughters love the fun bottles and wonderful scent of Glimmer Wish. Their hair looks healthier and I love the clean ingredients.

    Annelle D.
    Unicorn Hair Detangling Mist

    My granddaughter feels like a princess everytime we spray it on her hair. It makes brushing her curly hair a breeze.

    Annich S.
    Love this!

    I saw this company on Instagram and when I saw the bottles I knew my daughter would love to have this. I got the mermaid bottles first (next purchase is the unicorns), and when my daughter opened the package she got really excited. The shampoo foams up really fast and a small amount really goes a long way and it smells really good! The mermaid detangler spray was out of stock so I got the unicorn one and I do love the smell of the unicorn products, but it definitely over powers the Mermaid scent. The Mermaid brush is super cute! Just looking at it I thought it was going to be heavier, but it's light and works well! I will be making another purchase for the unicorn products and hopefully the mermaid spray is in stock for the next purchase!

    IAN S.
    Fantastic Detangler

    My daughter has thick long hair which would always gets knots in it. Most detanglers we have tried leave a slick behind. This not only works great but also leaves her hair smooth with a bounce. She also LOVES the fragrance.